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HR/Office Management
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"My Tasks in the HR department are very diverse and exciting. I have the opportunity to develop Juvigo with my own ideas and bring it forward. In addition, working with our young and international team is a lot of fun."
- Patricia, Recruiting & HR

“Not only my professional skills have developed since I am working in the HR department, but also my personal skills. With help of our international team I am able to expand my knowledge of various cultures and make new friends at the same time. I am satisfied to be able to provide a pleasant working environment for all employees.” Emy, Office Management & HR

What does Juvigo do?

Juvigo is a booking platform for summer camps, language trips and youth travel. Founded in Berlin in 2015, Juvigo helps parents and kids to find their perfect summer camp. For German kids that means finding a summer camp that is organized by a German tour operator. Those camps mainly take place in Germany, but they can also choose a youth trip to the Costa Brava in Spain or a language trip to Malta. When Juvigo expanded to the Netherlands, the aim was to offer summer camps to Dutch kids – organized by Dutch tour operators. The same goes for all the other countries. In every country we cooperate with tour operators, that organize camps and list them on our platform. 

In order to do that, we have a team from every country in which we operate: In our office in Berlin you will work in an international team with people from different countries. Of course, most of our employees are German and you will hear a lot of German in the office, but everyone speaks English.

What does the HR Team do?

We accompany the entire journey that an employee has with us. We are there for you during the recruiting process, support you on your first day at work, help you with your questions and problems and organize great team events. In short – we make sure that the right strings are pulled in the background and create the right working conditions for everyone.

Here you can get to know Emy and Patricia and learn more about our tasks.