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Job profile – Recruiting & HR Manager at Juvigo

Recruiting & HR Manager Patricia

Hi, I’m Patricia and I work as Recruiting and HR Manager at Juvigo.

How did you come to Juvigo?

As a long-time member of the Young Travel Industry Club (TIC), I became aware of Juvigo through a contact. It did not take long until I had my first job interview and then started at Juvigo in June 2021. 

Do holiday camps have a special meaning to you?

Yes, especially youth trips. I had the opportunity to explore London during a youth trip together with my best friend. It was a unique experience that I always look back on fondly. I even had the pleasure to meet the royal family – even if it was only in the wax museum 😉

You are a dual master’s student at Juvigo. Can you tell us more about your career so far?

Sure! After my dual studies in tourism, I started at Juvigo in the Recruiting & HR department. It quickly became clear to me that, in addition to the practical experience, I also wanted to acquire further theoretical knowledge in this area, which is why I decided to do a dual master’s degree. This was the best decision for me personally, because it allows me to combine theory and practice in the best possible way. With Juvigo, I’ve had a wealth of opportunities in recent years to evolve and progress hand in hand with the company. Really quick I had the opportunity to lead my own team. 

What motivated you to specialize in recruiting and HR?

Already during my dual bachelor studies, I discovered my passion for the field of recruiting & HR. My motivation to specialize in recruiting and HR was driven by my goal to connect people with the right opportunities and foster a positive work environment. The field of recruiting has always intrigued me, especially the networking aspect. It’s not just about filling a role, but about creating lasting relationships with individuals. Working in HR gives me the opportunity to shape the workplace and ensure that employees have the resources and environment they need.

How do you contribute to the successful recruitment of new talents for our company?

Within recruiting, it’s crucial for us to actively reach out to young talents. To achieve this, we’re very involved in industry associations and at tourism-focused universities. Maintaining our partnerships and expanding our network is one of my primary responsibilities

How do you design the onboarding process for new colleagues to ensure they integrate quickly into the company? 

At Juvigo, we established an onboarding process that ensures a smooth transition into our company. Prior to the start date, we send all required information and documents via email and take care of setting up the workstation with essentials like a MacBook, dual screens, and a localized keyboard. On the first day, our new colleagues receive a comprehensive introduction from our HR team, after which they’ll dive straight into initial tasks with the direct team. To help to get acquainted with all the colleagues, we’ve initiated so-called ‘over the shoulder chats’, a program designed to get to know the whole team.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

Every work day is unique, which adds variety to my job. In the mornings, I first check all messages, emails, and my appointment calendar. Then, I look at the tasks on my agenda and work through them. In between, I often conduct job interviews or have internal meetings with my colleagues. On less typical workdays, I attend recruiting or networking events to raise awareness of Juvigo as an employer among young talents and to further expand our network.

What trends and challenges do you see in recruiting and HR and how do you deal with them?

In an increasingly competitive labor market, companies are having to fight more and more for their talent. We are countering the war for talent by actively promoting young talents and fostering our network in the tourism industry. First-class training for our dual students, trainees, apprenticeships and interns is one of the most important pillars of our strategy. We also maintain very good partnerships with our partner universities and organize various industry events – the Start-up Night 2022, the look behind the scenes 2023 and the Search4Talents Tour 2024 are just a few examples.

We are delighted that our efforts are having an impact and all the more pleased that the TIC has honored us with the Employer Branding Award.

Björn Viergutz and Patricia Schaal winning the Employer Award 2023

What do you enjoy most about your work?

What I enjoy most about my job is the interaction with people. I get the opportunity to meet many different personalities and learn more about their stories. On top I always have the chance to contribute my own ideas and lead my own projects

What do you enjoy least about your work?

There are always tasks that are less fun than others. For example, I am partly involved in office management and new tea or coffee orders are not necessarily my favorite tasks. Of course, all tasks are important and the variety is what makes the job so interesting. 

How would you describe the company culture at Juvigo?

Our company is very open and international. We value diversity and we treat everyone with mutual respect. We focus on supporting young talent and encourage personal growth. Everyone is given the chance to take responsibility in their roles, and we all learn from each other’s unique perspectives.

What advice would you give to potential candidates considering a career at Juvigo?

If you are interested in our company, just get in touch with us – even if we don’t have your perfect position listed right now. Don’t be afraid of the job interview – we just want to get to know you and learn more about your background. Always be yourself and show us why you want to work with us and what connects you to the topic of children-, youth – & language travel. 

What is Juvigo for you?

A perfect place to grow and learn with an amazing team.

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