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The Juvigo-Team

In our office in Kreuzberg, people from 10 countries with different academic backgrounds and individual stories come together every day, to make Juvigo a little bit better. We run everything from our office in Berlin, but we offer our service in 9 different countries: Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. Our team members work in different fields in the company. We have IT specialists, product managers for all 9 countries, customer service experts, marketing specialists and our HR & Office Management team. We hope to welcome you to the team soon!

Founder and CEO

Björn 🇩🇪

Porträt Björn Viergutz

Björn grew up attending summer camps every year. When he was 18 he was in charge of an entire camp for the first time. He still remembers the bonfires and all the other great memories he made. Because he wanted to make this experience easier to find for every kid and their parents, he founded Juvigo. As CEO he is the strategic head behind Juvigo. He is also very much involved in the recruiting process, so you will meet him in the course of your application process.

You can find out even more about Björn in our interview with him: Get to know Björn


Ferdinand 🇩🇪


Ferdi is an irreplaceable part of the team and has been there for the first steps of our platform. Today he is our Head of IT and in charge of the development of our product from an IT-perspective. Be it the internationalisation, new tools to program or the implementation of ideas from our team – Ferdi always finds great solutions.

You can find out even more about Ferdi in our German interview with him: Get to know Ferdi

Kilian 🇩🇪


Kilian has turned his hobbies martial arts and programming into his profession: He is a specialist in software development and IT security. Not only does Kilian conscientiously guard the Juvigo data around the clock, he also makes sure that our servers don’t smoke and that everything is ready for you to use at any time. His relaxed attitude at all times – thanks to his summer camp experience – makes working with him very enjoyable!

Fenja 🇩🇪


As a working student and with an ambitious wealth of ideas, Fenja complements the IT team to ensure that Juvigo’s vacation camps are also appropriately staged behind the scenes. As a child, she was a staunch advocate of horseback riding vacations, so she’s already been to a few camps around Germany’s capital. Fenja is a media informatics student, as a balance to her technical studies, she pursues her musical passion. Get to know Fenja

Konstantin 🇩🇪

In order to be able to face the challenges of technology around the clock, Konsti works in IT at Juvigo alongside his media informatics studies. With relaxed calmness, he takes care that everything on our pages works as it is supposed to. Konsti is a team player, not only in the office – ball sports and especially basketball are his passion when it comes to clearing his mind.
Although he has been on a language trip to England before, his absolute favorite camp is the canoe trip Saale, because he likes to test one or the other programmed functionality on it in the background.

Riccardo 🇮🇹

Riccardo is the fifth member of the tech team and the first one of them who is not from Germany. He is from Italy with Czech roots. With his motivation of learning and trying out new things without being afraid of failure he works as a frontend engineer at Juvigo. So if you are going on our website you will probably go through some configurations of him. And by the way in his childhood he took part in a lot of summer camps and for sure he loved every single moment of it.

Matthew 🇺🇸

Matt is originally from California and has been looking for a new adventure in Berlin. At Juvigo, Matt is responsible for expanding and improving the server structure. Besides his interest in IT, Matt really enjoys cycling and even owns different bikes. In his home country, the USA, Matt also enjoyed riding his motorbike. He is all the more pleased to be able to ride his motorbike especially fast in Germany. As a child, Matt attended a summer camp in Año Nuevo State Park California, where he went hiking and learned about the local wild life.

International Management

Patricia 🇩🇪

Anyone who applies for a job at Juvigo will definitely get in touch with Patricia. In the area of HR / Office Management she is responsible for all topics concerning our (future) employees. Starting with recruiting, HR management and employer branding up to office management, everything is represented in Patricia’s area of responsibility. Like all our employees, Patricia can identify with the topic of summer camps and youth travel. During a youth trip together with her best friend, Patricia explored London and even met the royal family – even if only in the wax museum ;).
You want to become a part of our Juvigo team? Patricia is looking forward to your application! Get to know Patricia.

Anja 🇩🇪

Anja is the new super power in the HR team. In Anjas words: She is the place to go when someone in the team has problems or needs a friendly ear. Besides a lot of projects she is responsible for recruiting, personnel administration, personnel development and much more. After all the daily tasks are fulfilled,  Anja loves to stroll through Berlin, using her annual pass of the Staatliche Museen Berlin or playing a good table tennis match. Fun fact about Anja: When she was younger, Anja went to a holiday camp but unfortunately she didn’t really enjoy the activities of the camp. Instead she wanted to draw the entire day. Well, in the end Anja got a special arrangement and was probably the happiest kid all day.

Valentina 🇩🇪

Besides all internationals in our lovely team, Valentina is a genuine “Berlinerin”. She was born in the same district as our office is located now. No surprise that she is a perfect fit for the Juvi´team. She is currently studying for a Masters degree in organizational psychology and is responsible for People and Culture Management together with Anja. With her tourism background Valentina has also a big passion for language and learning camps. When she was younger her parents supported her love for languages and travel by making it possible for her to visit various camps and participate in multiple student exchanges to Spain, Italy and the UK. Get to know Valentina

Max 🇩🇪

As a trainee in tourism management, Max took a look behind the scenes at Juvigo and is now also right at the front. He has now completed his training and is now a permanent part of the team. He is always up for a joke and always euphoric, because his passion for traveling has accompanied him since his school days. His best travel experiences have been on trips to the southwest of the USA, New York and Tenerife, of course due to the not insignificant advantage of the delicious sweets there.
Max finds it hard to part with vacation destinations, because although he used to be rather less motivated towards vacation camps, it was worth the effort every time. We all know how it is: in the end, you don’t want to leave.

Germany / Austria / Switzerland

Mandy 🇩🇪

Mandy - Juvigo

Mandy is in charge of our German customer service department. When Mandy answers the phone at Juvigo, the perfect camp for everyone is quickly found with warmth and patience. With her years of experience as a counselor and in camp management, she has the right eye for your vacation search. Of course, Mandy has also been enthusiastic about summer camps since her school days and caught the travel bug on two language trips to Malta. So she is especially passionate about new languages.

Get to know Mandy

Romie 🇩🇪

Porträt Romie

As the creative head of the online magazine, Romie pulls the strings with particular skill as soon as it comes to PR and marketing. When journalists contact Juvigo, she forms the friendly, bright voice behind the team – and she does so with experienced conviction! As a child, Romie went on horseback riding camps, but her heart still belongs to action camps to this day. Her favorite activities were night hikes and snipe hunts.

You can find out even more about Romie in our German interview with her: Get to know Romie

Elian 🇩🇪

The fact that our skate camps are described with so much el(i)an and heart is not only due to Eli’s sensitivity for linguistic expression, but also to his passion for skating. As a working student in the field of media and business psychology, he complements the content team with his humorous manner. With his summer camp experience from several Paris skate camps, Eli has brought back both new friendships and many eventful memories from which his inspiration can now benefit.

You can find out even more about Eli in our German interview with him: Get to know Eli

Moritz 🇩🇪

Moritz’s summer camp history started at a very young age. After spending his childhood days at camps and then his summers on language trips in his teens, he later just kept the adventure atmosphere going by working as a counselor and in customer service for language travel companies or by traveling to faraway countries.
So it is no surprise that he has the real insider tips when it comes to language travel. When he’s not answering the phone, Moritz is busy getting new tour operators interested in Juvigo and taking care of internal administrative tasks. Get to know Moritz

Louisa 🇩🇪

Of course creative camps are Louisa’s absolute favorites: As a dual marketing management student, she also provides new creative ideas in the content team. She has great knowledge in SEO and is working on our social media and newsletter strategy. Since she was 7 years old, she has spent at least one week of every year at a summer camp and later became a counselor at a multi-sport camp. She is passionate about photography and practices Latin American dancing.

Tom 🇩🇪

His caring nature is what sets Tom apart and what colleagues, partners and customers appreciate so much about him. Creative, practical work suits him very well and in constant contact with our partners he always acts competently and helps with great attention to detail in the development of camps. With passion he takes care of any questions our customers may have and benefits, among other things, from the experience he gained on his trip through Europe with a motorhome. Tom enjoys spending his free time in nature or doing sports.

Armin 🇩🇪

As “Azubi” for e-commerce, Armin plays an important role for our e-commerce department. So it is very good that Armin has gained a lot of experience with social media – especially Instagram – in the past years. Now he is a trainee here and wants to learn even more things belonging to marketing and e-commerce. In his free time, Armin does a lot of sporty activities, as he not only plays badminton but also does a lot of running. In 2022 he wants to participate in his first half-marathon. When he is not doing sports, he loves to walk through different cities and take architectural photos. In his childhood, he already visited a lot of different summer camps almost every year. There he also tried out various outdoor activities and met a bunch of new friends.

Kimon 🇩🇪

Kimon is responsible for all the topics regarding our partners. He is also always happy to answer your questions about our camps on the phone, so you might get in contact with him. Kimon is always relaxed, keeps calm and brings a nice atmosphere into our team. Apart from work, he enjoys meeting up with friends and playing basketball. Kimon’s favorite season is summer and he loves laying at the beach. No wonder, because he grew up in Greece (Athens) and spent most of his life in the sun and next to the beach. 

Ellie 🇩🇪

Ellie is also part of team Germany and studies International Tourism Management. Very phenomenal about her is that she has traveled a lot and has many experiences. Before Juvigo she worked in the US as an AuPair for two years, as well as in a kids club in a hotel in Greece. She loves being surrounded by children! In her childhood, she spent her summer holidays in horseback riding camps which really fulfilled her. Ellie loves sports – apart from playing soccer and going for a surf trip she is always ready for new adventures. Her positive attitude always puts you in a good mood. 🙂

Franziska 🇩🇪

Our nature and animals loving Franziska is part of Juvigos DACH-Team. With her kind heart she takes good care of our customers by finding the right camp for every young traveler and answering every worried parent’s questions. Next to that she also provides our websites with sincere and detailed descriptions about the camps, so everyone can get a better glimpse of the offered camps. Thanks to her yearly camp experience as a child, young Franziska early discovered her love for nature’s wonders – including all plants and animals. This is definitely one of the reasons why her favorite camps are outdoor-related, like horseback riding camps.

Enna 🇩🇪

Enna is a perfect fit for our Juvigo Team – with her open nature she courageously takes on new challenges and welcomes everybody with a big smile. At Juvigo she will support our language travel team by taking care of customers, being in contact with partner schools and planning language trips. She herself has been to horseback riding camps when she was younger. After school she traveled through New Zealand and discovered her love for hiking and exploring nature. Besides hiking she enjoys trying out new creative hobbies like crocheting, reading and next up: painting ceramics! Get to know Enna.

Ricardo 🇩🇪

Ricardo is a trainee in our German team. He is in contact with our local partners and regularly on the lookout for new ones! Before he joined us, he was able to gain various experiences in the tourism industry. One of his newest travel adventures was an 800 km kayak trip combined with a hike through the whole island of Fuerteventura. When he was younger, he went to an international language school in Sydney. For him the best part of this experience was the chance to meet new people from all around the world. Besides the multiple travel destinations, Africa has a special place in his heart.

Jonna 🇩🇪

At Juvigo, Jonna is currently completing her tourism based apprenticeship. She looks after our customers with particular dedication and makes it her mission to find the right experience for every child. Jonna is incredibly athletic and loves sports. In her free time she enjoys going to the gym – in winter she particularly loves skiing! Several years ago she planned to take part in a youth trip – unfortunately the pandemic intervened. Nevertheless, she knows a lot about traveling & tourism and is a great addition to our Juvigo team! 

Netherlands / Belgium

Sam 🇧🇪 

Sam Vereecken-Juvigo

Sam loves to travel in good company, is passionate about music and enjoys reading non-fiction books about New York in the 1980s. He gained a lot of camp experience as a teenager and was a language teacher in his twenties. He is enthusiastically in charge of communicating with our tour operators and customers!

You can find out even more about Sam in our Dutch interview with him: Get to know Sam

Julia 🇳🇱 

Julia brings a lot of sunshine into our Dutch team as her Motto always is to “have a sunny look on life”. As a student for International Tourism Management, she is not only responsible for the content on our website, but also getting in contact with our Dutch customers and partners. In her young life, she already visited a lot of different summer camps. Her first camp experience was a horse camp when she was 8. Since then, she fell in love with those lovely animals and went there almost every summer with her friends. When she was 15, she realized her passion for being around other cultures and speaking other languages on her trip to England. Today, her favorite camp is the Minecraft camp. In her free time, Julia is into analogue photography and psychology and loves to do gardening and caring for her plants.


Alice 🇫🇷

Alice is our language travel specialist and handles relations with the various language schools we work with, as well as the SEO for these trips.  She’s also a member of our operations team, so she knows all the holidays we offer inside out.
The colleagues who share her office are sure to have a good laugh, because she’s a real little clown!
Her hobbies are, among other things, speaking new languages, geography, birds and discovering new cultures. So she has real wanderlust.
She already has great and broad experience in summer camps, as she herself attended camps from when she was 4 years old until she was a grown up. In that time, she visited summer camps in over 7 countries. After that, she became a camp leader herself and enjoyed her time with the kids in her home country France as well as in Malta.

Johanna 🇫🇷

Johanna is part of the operations team for our French market and is also developing our offer through the acquisition of partners all over France. But most of all, she is responsible for Juvigo’s Walloon platform and is developing our French-speaking Belgian market, through acquisition, SEO and partner management ! She grew up in Alsace, at the border with Germany and Switzerland. Since a very young age, she has been interested in interculturality, traveling and languages. She enjoys meeting new people, going out with her friends and listening to music, most of all country music (her colleagues even nicknamed her Johnny-John) ! Summer camps also have a special place in Johanna’s heart. She has wonderful memories of making bonfires and sleeping in tents from when she was a member of the “Scouts de France”. Her favourite camp, however, was a catamaran and diving camp in the South of France.

Eva 🇫🇷

Eva is our social butterfly. She speaks 5 languages and is incredibly extroverted – always looking for someone to chat with! In her free time she loves to start new creative projects and enjoys a good karaoke session. Her talkative nature complements her tasks perfectly. In our French team she is responsible for customer service, content creation and is regularly on the look out for new local partners. When she was younger she visited multiple scout camps and always looked forward to making new friends and memories. One of her favorite Juvigo camps is a surf camp in Portugal!

Suzanne 🇫🇷

Suzanne has an amazing athletic and creative personality. In her free time she loves to train for triathlons – which includes swimming, running and biking. But when she’s not out conquering these sports, she’s diving into the world of books and writing. In our French team Suzanne’s tasks include writing content, like articles and taking care of our digital marketing, like our Social Media accounts and the newsletter. In her past, she attended several summer camps – although her experiences in the early years were not always positive, she grew to love and look forward to her adventures.

Spain / Portugal

Miguel 🇵🇹


Miguel is passionate about the travel and tourism industry. From a very young age he started traveling from North to South of Portugal and also abroad. He also loves to be in contact with people and is always available to help solve any problem. These two passions made him pursue a career in the tourism Industry. Specialized in this area, he worked as a summer camp leader in Portugal and Switzerland, hotel animator in Greece and with the best surfers in the world at the World Surfing Championship in Portugal for several years. During his student years he was also the president of the student association and was responsible for organizing youth trips.

You can find out even more about Miguel in our Portuguese interview with him: Get to know Miguel

Guillermo 🇪🇸

Guillermo is from Cartagena, a small city by the ocean next to Murcia. No surprise that he loves watching beautiful sunsets with good music and a beer. In his free time he enjoys playing basketball, hanging out with friends and traveling the world. When Guillermo was younger, he was a scout and participated in basketball training camps and really enjoyed it. At Juvigo he is our Spanish all-rounder as he is responsible for our Spanish partners, for the content on our website and acts as a contact person for parents and children – answering their questions and advising about camp choices.


Michela 🇮🇹

Michela grew up in the north of Italy, loves to travel and to be in contact with other cultures and languages. She loves skiing and has always enjoyed spending her summers at holiday camps with her friends. Her favorite camp is one in the mountains of Italy, because of all the hikes and fun adventures in the forest that they planned. Michela has worked as an educator for many years at a summer camp in her city organized by a local onlus association, here, together with a team of volunteers, she also organized many events and entertainments for kids and teens. Right after highschool, she went to Seattle to work as an Au Pair for two years and, soon after coming back to Italy, moved to Berlin to study International Business. During her studies, she also worked part-time in Finance. 

She is now working on building our Italian platform and is very excited to see it grow and develop as she finds new partners and camps to offer to this new generation of young camp lovers.

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