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Our Company Values

Our company values are the foundation of our work culture. Created collaboratively by our team, these principles guide our actions and decisions in order to improve the work environment at our office in Berlin Kreuzberg. Every year we evaluate them all in order to make sure that they still align with our mission.

Trust, Equality and Respect 

Juvigo’s core values.


At Juvigo you get the chance to have a look inside all processes.

Personal, proper and open communication

At Juvigo good communication even across all departments is important to us.

Promotion of individual talents

At Juvigo we focus on one’s strengths rather than their weaknesses.

International team

At Juvigo we are one big international team where everyone from everywhere is welcome.

Problem solving oriented

At Juvigo we tackle problems and see them as opportunities to develop further.

Mistake Management

At Juvigo we react to our mistakes and always try to draw positive conclusions from them that help us to improve.

IT driven

At Juvigo every time there is a problem, we ask ourselves: Is there a technical solution?


At Juvigo we acknowledge everyone’s performance and respond with appreciative actions.

Sharing skills and knowledge

At Juvigo we promote learning and the exchange of knowledge to push development further.

Work hard, celebrate harder!

At Juvigo we also love to spend time with each other after work. Here you can learn more about our different events and after-work culture!

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