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Job profile – Online Marketing Manager at Juvigo

What’s up, I’m Eli. I am 23 years old and I work as an Online Marketing Manager at Juvigo.

How did you come to Juvigo?

Back in 2019 I was looking for a Job as a working student and found Juvigo on an Online Job market. Then one thing led to another and I started my job as a working Student in the fields of Content & SEO. 

Do holiday camps have a special meaning to you?

Kinda. I went to a Skate-Camp in 2015 & 2016 in Paris and I really enjoyed the time there. Fun Fact: We now offer exactly these Camps on Juvigo!

What exactly are your tasks at Juvigo?

My main tasks are in the field of SEO (=Search engine optimization). I take care of the optimization of landing pages on the German platform and since I have collected quite some experience I am the contact person for every question regarding SEO. I also give workshops to new colleagues, help them with their country’s SEO and get together with all people working on SEO in a bi-weekly meeting where we track our most relevant numbers. Sometimes I help out with some Content tasks and I am also learning a bit of programming to help out our IT-team in the future.

What did you study? Do you come from the tourism industry?

I actually do not come from the tourism industry. I did my bachelors degree in business psychology, but since this study program is pretty general I can work in a lot of different branches.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

I start in the office at around 8. The first thing I do is get a Tea, check the development of our rankings and have a look at a Google SEO Forum to keep me updated on what’s going on. Then I take some time to further optimize our German platform. Mostly from then on every day is different. Sometimes I have to prepare and participate in some meetings, so then I have to discuss topics and future projects. From these meetings of course other tasks emerge that have to be done. In between I also answer some questions from my colleagues or help them out. If I don’t have any appointments, I try to focus on further optimizing and looking for new ways to generate traffic. If there is some time left, I continue my programming course in the afternoon.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I think the warm and friendly environment in the office is what makes it so nice to work here. I also see learning new things as a big part of the job, which is always exciting.

What do you enjoy least about your work?

Some parts of the optimization are pretty blunt to do, so there are parts that are less fun. Even so, these parts make me look forward to the more fun tasks even more!

What are you doing when you’re not at work?

If the weather is good, I like to hang out with my friends in a park or go skateboarding. On rainy days I stay at home making music or playing video games. A night out at the weekend or a funny sunday at Sisyphos are also things that I like to do.

Are you happy at Juvigo?

After finishing my studies I got the chance to stay at Juvigo and I could not be happier with my decision to start off my career path here!

What do you wish for Juvigo and especially for the international platforms?

I hope that Juvigo continues growing and we can establish Juvigo as the number one booking platform for holiday camps in every country that we’re targeting. Also I hope that the cooperation between the people from the different countries will go on for a long time!

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