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Job Profil – People & Culture Manager at Juvigo

Hi, I’m Anja and I work as People & Culture Manager at Juvigo where I am creating a positive and inclusive workplace for all Juvigo colleagues.

In my free time I love to stroll through Berlin, using my annual pass of the Staatliche Museen Berlin or playing a good table tennis match.

How did you come to Juvigo?

During lunch, a friend of mine who knows our CEO told me about an open position at Juvigo and wanted to know if it would be interesting for me. As I was still missing a few key tasks, I didn’t think the original position was suitable for me, but after a few changes to the areas of responsibility, I quickly changed my mind and applied directly. 

Do holiday camps have a special meaning to you?

As my older brother and cousin often went to holiday camps and always had a lot of fun, I really wanted to go to a holiday camp with my best school friend at the time. No sooner said than done, the only problem was that the colorful programme was a bit too much for me, as I would much rather have been lying on the grass drawing all the time and didn’t want to attend a neptune festival. However, the food was very good and the supervisors were very nice. But afterwards I preferred to go on holiday to relatives and friends, where I was allowed to draw as much as I wanted. 

How would you describe your role as People and Culture Manager and what are the main responsibilities?

As People and Culture Manager, I am there for all colleagues at Juvigo, a kind of internal minister, in contrast to the outward-facing recruiting role of my colleague and teamlead Patricia. This starts with the onboarding process when someone new starts at Juvigo, a well-structured feedback culture, being the contact for day-to-day issues and many other things we can not plan, my tasks for a leaving colleague  end with a good offboarding. 

I really enjoy working with people and always try to help them as much as I can, that was already the case as a child and now gives me a lot of pleasure in my daily work at juvigo. 

How do you help foster a positive company culture and create a supportive work environment?

I take the concerns of my colleagues very seriously and always have an open ear and try to find something good in every situation; if there is a problem, learning follows. We are all here to learn with and from each other. This direct exchange at eye level is very important to me and my contribution to the company culture.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

Every day in our HR department is different and cannot be planned, as we are a kind of service provider within Juvigo. In People and Culture Management in particular, we are there for our colleagues and often respond to concerns on a daily basis. No two days are the same, as we have to deal with external service providers for the Office Management tasks, completely new people in recruiting and try to implement and drive forward our own internal projects in order to constantly improve at Juvigo. 

What measures do you take to support employees’ professional development and growth?

My colleague Valentina and I implemented the 360° feedback at Juvigo in autumn 2023. This comprehensive feedback allows us to identify specific strengths and weaknesses and implements different feedback givers and point of views. Strengths can be used to support other colleagues and, with the knowledge of where we can still learn, we can provide our colleagues with targeted support and address areas where there is still a need. Our team leads receive training from external coaches several times a year, which they then pass on to their teams so that they can promote and support each individual in a targeted manner. During each feedback, no matter if it’s during an internship or for team leads, everyone has the stage to openly communicate wishes, needs and what would help them. Our job is to support everyone accordingly and combine company goals and the wishes from everyone in a suitable way.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Direct contact with all teams, gaining insights into many areas and departments and being part of solutions.

What do you enjoy least about your work?

If someone doesn’t communicate clearly where the shoe pinches, even though you open doors, it’s hard to see how someone doesn’t take advantage of opportunities and stands in their own way.

How would you describe the company culture at Juvigo?

We’re all on a first-name basis and we’re on an equal footing; you can learn a lot from others very quickly. Our dealings with each other are both respectful and very professional. 

We often spend time together after work and it was really easy for me to settle into the team, although I was most afraid of this step as I had previously worked in another company for 10 years.

What advice would you give to potential candidates considering a career at Juvigo?

Apply and get to know us directly to get an even better idea and understanding of Juvigo! 

What is Juvigo for you?

A place where I can learn a lot and where I am part of an amazing team. 

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