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Ayke Sander Sebastian Indrunas Juvigo Young Travel Industry Club

Start-up or large company – your career start in tourism

Sebastian Indrunas, leader of the Young Travel Industry Club (Young TIC), visited us in Berlin at the Juvigo office and we talked to him about working in tourism. Sebastian tells us about his experiences here, “the choice of whether to start your career in a start-up or in an established company is up to you”.

Sebastian Indrunas is a trained hotel specialist and will complete his dual studies in tourism with a focus on hotel management in April 2020.

He volunteers for the Young Travel Industry Club (Young TIC), which is a community in the travel industry that brings together young tourism professionals. Currently, the Young TIC has about 130 active members and organises regular events for knowledge transfer and networking. The mission is to connect young tourism professionals with the established members of the Travel Industry Club (TIC) and to enable communication at eye level. Because young professionals and students often have inhibitions about approaching the established members of the industry, even though they are the ones who like to exchange ideas with the younger ones. And that’s exactly what Sebastian wants to promote together with the Young TIC.

What are the current chances of gaining a foothold as a young tourism professional?

Die Reisebranche ist, trotz temporärer Krisen, eine Wachstumsbranche und es werden stetig Fachkräfte Travel Industry Club and many companies organise regular events where you can meet potential employers. For example, the TourKon – a workshop river cruise. These events are a clear signal from the companies that there is a high demand for motivated tourism professionals.

Sebastian and Juvigo

Sebastian’s first contact with Juvigo was at a TIC event. Some members were playing golf together and Sebastian and Björn, founder and CEO of Juvigo, met there for the first time. A short time later they had a beer together on the rooftop of the former office in Kreuzberg. A friendship developed from that.

Sart-up or larger established company?

Sebastian comes from the hotel industry, but there are also tour operators, intermediaries, DMOs (destination management organisations) and also chain companies (e.g. hotel chains). Besides that, there are start-ups and smaller medium-sized companies. We asked Sebastian what the differences are when starting a career and what his recommendations are.

Whether a start-up or a large company is the right match for you has a lot to do with your personality. You first have to listen to yourself to find out what type of person you are. Each has advantages and disadvantages.
In a large company, you have good opportunities to develop and learn. At the same time, you also have structures that can give you orientation.
In a start-up, you often encounter less entrenched structures, which means there is a particularly high learning potential. It’s your own personality that brings structure to a company and so you can actively help shape the company.

Some people need fixed structures, others are more free spirits and want to build everything from scratch. Everyone has to make a decision for themselves.

Sebastian got to know the corporate hotel industry and that was exactly the right thing for him. There, he had a framework that he could orientate himself on. He hasn’t worked in a start-up yet, but he also feels very comfortable in the group and thinks he will stay there for quite a while.

Everyone should ask themselves, “What do I want and what do I feel comfortable with?”

Sebastian Indrunas, Young TIC

Career starters should therefore first listen to themselves and ask themselves: What do I want and what do I feel comfortable with? With this knowledge, you can then start looking for a suitable job.

It is very important to take a look at the company’s identity. Ideally, the applicant’s values should coincide with the company’s values. If this matches, it will be a round thing and extremely fun. In order to get to know the company’s values, you should first inform yourself on the internet and, if you are really interested, visit events where the companies present themselves. There you can talk in person with the recruiters and possible future colleagues.

We would like to thank Sebastian Indrunas for being here with us.

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