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Juvigos Vorteile im Beruf

What makes Juvigo attractive for Young Professionals?

Feel-good guarantee

We offer our trainees and dual students many benefits and would like to defuse some of the bad preconceptions and prejudices of the tourism industry. 

We have flexible working hours with a digital time recording. Everybody can easily track their working hours. There is a pleasant working atmosphere in the office and a flat hierarchy. We value our employees and it is very important to us that everyone feels comfortable!


Open, honest and transparent communication is important to us. The key in communication is that it does not only go one way, every side has to participate. 

We have also set up monthly Lunch & Learn events for our dual students and trainees. Once a month, they meet up with Björn (CEO) and have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in an exchange together.  

Every quarter, our CEO Björn writes a quarterly letter in which he reflects on the last few months and summarises the areas in which we have been strong. There is also a monthly meeting where all of our employees take part and discuss the latest figures. In addition to the monthly meetings, there are also weekly team meetings and international meetings in which the employees train each other. We actively promote international communication and cooperation! 

In addition, every 6 months there is a personal and individual feedback meeting for each employee with their superiors. This allows both parties to give each other feedback on the past months and to discuss where the respective strengths lie and where the journey could still go in the future. 

Individual promotion

Are you interested in product management? Or do you prefer writing camp descriptions? Maybe you enjoy customer service the most. Whatever your passions and strengths are, we will adapt your training to them! This is how we guarantee your individual career at Juvigo! 

Max, who completed his apprenticeship with us, quickly discovered his passion for the system administration and is now responsible for system administration as Corporate Development Manager. With us, no two training programmes are the same. 

Of course, we also support our young professionals. For example: we have a close cooperation with the Travel Industry Club and thus enable participation in a variety of events, workshops and networking events.

Open minded

Do you have a new idea or a suggestion for improvement? Then tell us about it! We are open to suggestions, ideas and changes and welcome any input! We have our “complaint and suggestion boxes” for the different work areas, where new ideas can be stored, discussed and implemented afterwards!

We quickly give new employees responsibility and their own tasks. Our motto is “encourage & challenge”. But we don’t leave you alone with the tasks, you will always have a contact person. Asking questions is important and infact it is hard to believe when someone has no questions at all in the beginning. 


As a digital native, is it important to you that your company has not neglected digitalisation? Then you’ve come to the right place. We work with the latest Apple technology and every employee has his own Macbook. This allows us to work flexibly in the office and form working groups according to the respective area of activity. We store our data exclusively in our online drive, which enables us to work from anywhere in the world. This means that it is not a problem to work from home sometimes. Of course, we also use an online programme for time recording and the storage of employee data. We work paperless – documents are only printed when it is really necessary – everything else is done online. 

International team spirit

Eight different nations work together in our office in Berlin. This gives you the opportunity to use and develop your foreign language skills. You will also get to know other cultures and work in an international environment. Our international team spirit is characterised by teamwork, a warm working atmosphere, diversity and a hands-on mentality!

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