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International Women’s Day

Historically, workplaces have been dominated by men, with women often excluded from leadership positions and facing significant challenges in advancing their careers. The feminist movement has helped to raise awareness about these issues and has inspired many companies to take action towards creating a more equal and inclusive workplace. The international women’s day celebrates the movement and gives it even more attention.

One way to support women in the workplace is to address the gender pay gap. This can involve conducting regular pay audits to identify and address any disparities, as well as implementing policies and practices that promote pay equity. Juvigo for example implemented salary transparency, allowing employees to see the salaries of their peers to ensure fairness. 

Another way to support women is to provide opportunities for career development and advancement. For us that involves offering mentoring programs and leadership training.

Companies can also support women by promoting work-life balance and offering flexible work arrangements. This can include remote work options, flexible hours, and parental leave policies that support both mothers and fathers. At Juvigo we offer multiple days remote work per year and flexitime and want to implement an employer’s pension scheme because it helps against old age poverty.

It is an unfortunate reality that women are often sexualized and exploited in the workplace, whether it be through unwanted advances, inappropriate comments, or even outright harassment. This not only creates a hostile and uncomfortable work environment for women, but it also undermines their professional abilities and accomplishments. A culture of respect and inclusivity are therefore the basis of our corporate culture. 

We think that a diverse and inclusive workforce brings new ideas, perspectives, and experiences to the table, leading to greater innovation, productivity, and profitability. Therefore, it is important to take action towards creating a more equal and supportive workplace for women and all genders.

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