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15 reasons to start your career at Juvigo

Are you looking for a job and thinking about starting your career at Juvigo? Well, that is great! We are looking forward to your application. Here we’ll give you 15 reasons why to start your career at Juvigo.

1. A long-term perspective through a permanent employment contract

We want you to feel comfortable with us, to be able to identify with our product and to stay with us in the long term. This offers you and us planning security and trust for a good cooperation.

2. Full overtime compensation and flexitime

At Juvigo, we use a digital tool to schedule vacation and work time, making full overtime compensation and flexible work hours a given.

3. Family-friendly working hours

In addition to flexible flexitime models, our employees can work part-time. This also applies to management positions. It is important to us that your job and family can go together without stress, because this is the only way to achieve good work results within the reduced working hours. We always take the needs of our employees into account on an individual basis.

4. Office in Berlin-Kreuzberg

Our office is located in Berlin-Kreuzberg and offers our employees a perfect connection to the underground, the S-Bahn and bus.

5. Home office

Juvigo is technically set up in such a way that home office can be implemented without any problems for each of our employees. After the joint training in the office, individual home office times can be arranged.

6. Weekend bonuses (max. 6 days of weekend work per year)

During the high season, our office is also staffed on weekends to answer customer questions and process bookings. Each employee will work a maximum of 6 days per year on weekends. For the weekend work there are time bonuses. This means that you will be credited with more hours than you actually worked.

7. Individual training and structured work from day one

We want you to feel comfortable with us right from the start and for you to know exactly what your tasks are. To start you off on the right foot, we will assign a fixed contact person for your first tasks. They will help you get acquainted with all of your new tasks and will be available to answer your questions at all times.

We have many training modules and ideas for you. At first, you will work very closely together with your new colleagues, and over time you will become more and more independent. We also want to involve you in designing your own training program. If there is anything you’d like to learn more about, we will happily adapt the training for you.

8. Regular meetings where you can contribute your own ideas

We sit down weekly in different groups and discuss relevant topics, problems and plans for the future. We have country meetings, meetings about acquisition, SEO, administration and more. In all of these meetings, everyone is highly encouraged to contribute their own ideas.

9. Office equipped with Apple technology

Our employees work with MacBooks or MacMinis, each with one or two connected monitors.

10. Employee referral bonus

We are always looking for reinforcements for our teams and therefore we like to reward our employees when they help us find a good fit. So if you know someone who would fit well into the team and has the right qualifications, introduce them to us! If we agree and fill the position through your recommendation, you will receive a bonus.

11. Friendly interaction with both colleagues and business partners

At Juvigo, we maintain a close relationship with our business partners. We know many of our operators personally, so that we can get a comprehensive picture of their trips and accommodations. Because in the area of children’s and youth travel, it’s all about trust and we ourselves have the claim to only provide the best vacation camps, youth trips and language trips.

12. A steep learning curve through full involvement in the international team

In addition to Germany, Juvigo is also active in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Italy. In our Berlin office, all nations come together and work together on Juvigo’s mission. This gives you the opportunity to get involved on an international level.

13. Company events

At Juvigo, we also want to have fun outside of work. Because people who know each other well and get along well, also work together well. In addition to spontaneous after-work rounds in the office, there are also larger company events such as a summer party and a Christmas party.

14. Free hot drinks

In our office kitchen you will find different kinds of tea, a fully automatic coffee machine and of course (oat)milk at your disposal.

15. Work with a product that puts a smile on thousands of children’s faces

We are proud to be Europe’s largest booking platform for vacation camps, youth travel and language trips, bringing a smile to the faces of thousands of children and young people. Almost all of our employees have been to a summer camp themselves, as participants as well as counselors, and know how wonderful this time is for everyone.

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