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Juvigo as an employer

Anyone who introduces themselves at Juvigo can’t get past Ayke. With fresh commitment and always a with a smile, she is the contact person for applicants and thus gives Juvigo a friendly face. As a youth tour guide, she has travelled a lot. Whether Croatia, France or Spain, Ayke’s experience in children’s and youth travel comes from the most diverse corners of Europe. Today she introduces us to Juvigo as an employer and tells us why Juvigo is not just one of many start-ups.

Porträt Ayke Sander

How many employees are currently working at Juvigo?

We currently have a total of 40 employees, including full-time staff, working students and also three trainees.

How does the recruitment process work at Juvigo?

We publish our career offers both in our online magazine and via various other platforms – including, for example, classic job listings, but also social media. Of course, we also find qualified employees through contacts and networking, through business partners, former colleagues and acquaintances.

In the meantime, we have become very popular in the field of children’s and youth travel, as we work with more than 100 youth travel operators throughout Germany. This provides us with a constant stream of applications.

What does Juvigo particularly look for in applicants? What role do grades or other such criteria play?

With applicants, we mainly make sure that the overall package fits. Grades also play a role, but are not decisive. It is much more important that the applicant has a clear profile that fits our company. 

In the case of young professionals, for example, we also look at whether they have already gained work experience alongside their studies, ideally in the youth travel industry, of course.  

What makes applicants right for the job?

Motivation and a certain hands-on mentality are particularly important. Our applicants should have a passion for the product and the tasks – because this is reflected later in the work. They should work in a structured manner and be willing to take responsibility and make decisions.

What is special about a job in a start-up?

I think that start-ups are more adaptable than established companies. Decisions are made faster, ideas from employees are heard and implemented. At Juvigo, we have regular meetings where employees can, for example, make suggestions for improvements on the website or for everyday work. 

Clear structures and processes create a pleasant working environment. Overtime is common in many start-ups. At Juvigo, we use a digital tool to plan holidays and working hours, making full overtime compensation and flexible working hours a given.

Geschäftsführer Björn Viergutz

“As the founder and managing director of Juvigo, my entire heart and soul is in the company. In a way, I naturally want that from my employees as well. Passion for the product and a desire for further development are particularly important to me.”

Björn Viergutz, Gründer und Geschäftsführer von Juvigo

Are you looking for a job in tourism? Then take a look at our career offers and find your position. We look forward to receiving your application.

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